Deluxe safety cup
Sikkerhedsbomholderen Deluxe

A new generation of safety cups

Are you tired of not competing on equal terms?

Everyone has tried to only just brush the bar in an oxe jump and it falls anyway. It costs you precious points, which should be an unnecessary punishment because of failing worn safety cups. With Deluxe this problem has been reduced. Wear and tear does not affect the release of this new type of safety cup. Deluxe is stable and releases correctly even after a thousand knock downs, contrary to other products on the market.

Deluxe has been developed and tested at Herning Institute of Business Administration and Technology. Tests have shown that the safety cup is the best and most reliable on the market. This means that at contests there is no difference between jumps on how much force it takes to knock down the bar.

At tournaments today this difference does exist because of deterioration of the existing safety cups.

With Deluxe the quality ensures a consistency that makes all the competing horses and riders compete on equal terms.

Deluxe presents fairness for everyone.