Deluxe safety cup
Sikkerhedsbomholderen Deluxe

The maximum of safety

With Deluxe you can now safely send your son or daughter off to show jumping knowing that the danger of them being hurt has been minimised through this product.

Deluxe is optimised for use in all possible situations and will release, no matter which kind of mishap should happen to you or your child. Today, other safety cups are only designed to release when you land directly down onto the bar. This is in complete in keeping with the FEI demands.

It is, however, very rare to land straight down on the bar. That is why Deluxe is designed to release at the same force action no matter if it is on the bar angled or vertically.

Furthermore, Deluxe can be twisted apart. This ensures that it will also release it you should accidentally ride directly into the jump. In this new product everything has been done to ensure safety.


There should always be a maximum of safety and accidents should be prevented.